Welcome To Greyscorff

Greyscorff was founded with the bold intention of delivering a brilliant and socially-responsible alternative to diamonds. Formerly known as Moissanite Malaysia, we strive to create the perfect piece of jewellery that will last a lifetime with you. Moissanite, a recently discovered gemstone, can do just that. Lab-grown Moissanite are affordable, durable, and have a refractive index that is higher than that of diamonds; they shine brighter than diamonds. 

The fundamental values of Greyscorff are grounded in transparency, simplicity and creativity. We believe in paying for the stone, not for the inflated price of marketing the stone. By providing low-volume, bespoke production services, we are able to offer competitive pricing and personalized services. We create a strong emotional connection between our clients and our skilful team of jewellery designers to craft each unique piece.

Greyscorff focuses on crafted innovation, utilizing the latest technology in the industry to deliver the highest possible product quality for the price. Our unique, personalized, experience means that you can always be in contact with our designers and managers to coordinate the production of your jewellery.

Here at Greyscorff, we strive to transform the process of traditional jewellery crafting into a memorable and unique experience. Every piece of our jewellery tells its own tale. Hence, we hope your romantic story starts with us. The results will be astonishing and, most importantly, within financial reach.

Hope to see you soon for an appointment!

Terrence Goh

Co-founder, CEO

(Owned by Moissanite Malaysia Sdn Bhd)